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Madison.Partners collaborates with leading organizations in business and society around the world, delivering its data & AI solutions as a trusted and long-term partner.

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Luc Burgelman



Thomas Dubois

Head of Business Transformation


Navaron Walraeve

Head of Program Management


Niek De Taeye

Head of Data Strategy


Wim De Waele

Associate Partner


Christophe Longueville

Associate Partner


Frank Hamerlinck

Associate Partner




We believe in amazing people as our success is solely the result of people, making the difference.

Madison.Partners strives for a culture where people are open & transparant and where we dare to be different. Where good judgement is everybody's daily activity, favoring autonomy and taking ownership. This is the foundation for our international global structure, where remote working is the new normal.

Everybody at is expected to make decisions by using good judgement. Not only during projects with our clients, but for all our activities, as we don't like formal policies. Our culture code is designed on this philosophy and the culture is created by our people.


Everybody at Madison.Partners is committed to our mission and obsessed about our metrics. Results for us and our clients matter more than the number of hours we work, or where we produce them. Insights and data continuously help us to be objective, to improve and to take us all to the next level.

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We are committing maniacally to our clients' mission and results. Our teams are looking for the long-term results and solve the key challenges for our customers.' culture of open and transparent communication is also reflected in our approach towards our clients. We will be questioning status quo and seek for the best outcomes for our clients.


As much as we are committing to the long-term, we are manic about results for our clients. Your results matter the most to us. We help you to make sure investments pay off, immediately and continuously! Our internal focus on results is reflected in our approach towards our clients and the work that we deliver. Because in the end, this is what really matters.

As much as you do, we know that results are greater when decisions are objective, insight driven and powered by data. And we love data!

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