Stratephy is a roadmap design tool that helps management teams, CDO-offices, cross organization project teams to define and monitor their data strategy. It improves collaboration, prioritizes your projects, evokes boardroom decisions and it identifies key programs, skills required and organizational transformation. Ultimately it will bring alignment throughout the company, clear communication and results.


Our platform will support you along the way towards the optimal data strategy for your organization. Here are a number of steps Stratephy will support you and your teams:


  • Brainstorms on defining the objective to reach with data
  • Collaborate on identifying the projects
  • Brainstorm with teams on the readiness of your organization and your data
  • Identify key programs
  • Prioritize projects and programs based on your companies' boundaries
  • Boardroom Presentations of objectives and roadmaps
  • Your KPIs and Data Strategy Dashboard

No matter your data maturity level or business objectives, we can help you achieve the smoothest, fastest data strategy execution possible.

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