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Program Management


Translate strategy into execution and generate maximum value from data & AI initiatives by managing them in an integrated way


Transforming into a data-driven organization requires the initiation of an organization-wide program. The objective is to create new organizational capabilities and change the mindset & behaviour within all layers of the organization.

The transformation towards this desired future state is the outcome of the organization's data strategy. Realizing this program is typically one of the most important challenges of the CxO team. As studies show a wide variation in the rate of successful delivery, it is crucial to be aware of typical failures and take necessary actions to maximize chances of success.

No in-house qualifications to translate strategy into execution and orchestrate the full transformation 

 Organization don't have the time or the right qualifications available to orchestrate the execution of the many initiatives and to make sure the transformation remains on course.

Resistance to change 

A lack of clear organization-wide communication about the "what's in it for me" of the transformation is one of the main reasons why transformations fail. Typically resulting in a resistance to change. 

Poor cross-functional collaboration 

A data-driven transformation requires different teams to collaborate across the organization. 

Abscence of an overall "helicopter view" results in silo-oriented teams, working only at their piece of the puzzle, and a disconnection with the initial objective.

"A Program Manager ensures focus on the realization of the strategic objectives, by adopting a helicopter view across individual initiatives and continuously driving the change"

Navaron Walraeve, Head of Program Management


An organization-wide transformation is a challenge for every organization, independant of their industry or size. 

We advise organizations to set-up an organization-wide program, allowing the coordination of all data & AI initiatives, managed by a Program Manager. Prioritizing the initiatives and defining the program governance are the major responsibilities of the Program Manager, together with the CxO team and other key stakeholders.  

As Program Managers own the overall view and are responsible to steer the program to success, it is advisable to have them on board as soon as possible. 

Our 3-phased approach: 

The Program Manager owns the overall view on the data-driven transformation, keeps the transformation on course and regularly reports on progress & constraints to the CxO team.


Maximum alignment between individual projects and organizational data strategy

Holistic oversight & transparency on the multiple initiatives and exhaustive overview of dependencies 

Organization-wide communication and awareness of the transformation 

Clear focus on program objectives and full transparancy on progress & constraints 

Cross team collaboration towards shared objectives