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Data Maturity Assessment


The journey towards a data-driven organization starts  with obtaining a holistic view of the organization's current state & capabilities. A maturity assessment provides CxOs with answers to their most challenging questions


Data maturity refers to an organization's ability to derive value from its data. This doens't just encompass the technological tools needed to harness that value, but also the necessary people, processes and systems. As company performance is directly related to data maturity, it is crucial to have a holistic & realistic view on the current state of the organization and how it performs compared to industry standards and peers. It is the first step towards organizational improvement.

How well are we performing compared to industry competitors?

How well are we performing compared to industry competitors?

The benchmark for data maturity differs between industries. The Data Maturity Assessment will give a detailed view on how your company's data maturity level compares to competitors within your industry.

Different opinions on data maturity within the company.

Different opinions on data maturity within the company.

Every good strategy starts with a consensus. Different views on data maturity and data priorities within the company severely impacts the delivery of the business strategy, and causes frustration along the way. It is important to synchronize views on the issues and priorities across all levels of the organization.

What are the key opportunities for improvement, to become data driven?

What are the key opportunities for improvement, to become data driven?

Business strategies depend on specific data enablers to be in place. Those range from data availability, data quality, but also front end tooling and employee skills. A data maturity assessment will highlight the areas for improvement, and identify the biggest hurdles to take.

As data maturity drives company performance, it is crucial to question all relevant aspects from people & processes to data & analytics

"A strategic view on data maturity is the first step towards addressing underlying technology & operational issues.
It ensures a realistic data strategy"

Niek De Taeye, Head of Data Strategy


Defining the strategic objective to initiate the transformation towards a data-driven organization is crucial for every organization, but also challenging. The first step is to obtain a 360 degree outside view on how data-driven your company already is, compared to industry standards and other companies in your industry.

Our data maturity assessment will allow any organization to get this outside view and will provide the CxO team with valuable insights on the current situation and help them to define the right actions to increase the degree of being data-driven. 

  • Based on interviews with multiple stakeholders from all management levels, and from all (relevant) departments.

  • 125 focused questions spread over 5 main categories (People, Processes, Business, Data & Analytics, Technology).

  • Scored objectively (1 to 5 scale) with clear and measurable descriptions.

  • Optional: results can be aggregated on department level to highlight differences in maturity between departments. 

Data maturity correlates with company performance


Holistic view on current data maturity

The company maturity chart provides any organization with a realistic view on the overall data maturity, with the possibility to drill down on specific performance dimension. This breakdown facilitates the interpretation of these results by dimension, seniority level, function and other relevant cuts. The charts visualition allows organizations to compare results between different departments (horizontal approach) and even decision levels (vertical approach). 

Formalized results   

The analysis report highlights the most important scoring areas and elaborates on leading observations & peaks. Additionally the key attention points are extensively described, with their root cause. These often arise from differences between departments or different opinions of key stakeholders.  

Next steps to increase the data maturity level

Recommendations are the crucial basis for every organization to start defining their journey towards a data-driven organization and to close major gaps. It includes suggested focus areas & key challenges to tackle within the organization. It is the first step towards a company wide Data Strategy.