We are seeking the expertise of experienced and junior management consultant(s) with exceptional analytical, communication, and management skills. Management consultants can expect to help in organizational change management, implement technologies, improve coaching and training procedures, and develop strategies. Their other responsibilities include analyzing organizational procedures, writing reports on findings, guiding management through necessary changes, and implementing and managing alternative strategies.

Successful management consultants should be able to identify problems and develop creative solutions to address them, and should have exceptional communication skills. Ideal candidates will have several years' experience in the field, and a broad knowledge of finance, business administration, or public administration.


  • Identifying and addressing problems.
  • Collecting and interpreting relevant information and data.
  • Learn about the client's business challenges and technologies to understand their business needs.
  • Outline the scope of the work and identify and map out schedules, milestones, and required resources to meet the project objectives
  • Determine and communicate the solution or results that will be delivered to the client upon project completion
  • Reporting to management.
  • Interviewing personnel from multiple departments.
  • Advising and guiding management.
  • Develop and carry out communications to the company's senior stakeholders, company staff, and internal and external project teams
  • Conduct any required training classes for employees at a variety of levels
  • Meet with client to ensure the provided solution is working
  • Install and run a change management office to follow up the agreed execution plan and monitor process and organizational changes


  • Bachelor's degree in related fields.
  • Master's degree in business administration preferable
  • Several years' of consulting experience (for experienced management consultant)
  • Excellent analytical,interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • High recommendations.


Our values and expectations are at the heart of everything we do and form an important part of our culture. These include Transparency, Respect, Integrity along with Courage, Accountability, Development, and Teamwork in a culture of Innovation, Performance and Trust.

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