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We seek a broad range of skillsets, from digital to interpersonal to analytical. Make a lasting impact on companies, industries, people and society.

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Senior Management Consultant Data & Transformation

We are looking for experienced management consultant(s) who are able to facilitate the creation of a data strategy and lead our customers' digital- or data-driven transformations.

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We are looking for a Program Manager to lead digital and data-driven programs/initiatives for our customers.

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Management Consultant Data & Transformation

We are hiring Management Consultants who are able to understand the challenges of our customers and support senior consultants in crafting a data strategy, setting-up a Corporate Data Management Office, and defining long term solutions regarding data governance, data quality, ethics,...

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Enterprise Architect

We are looking to hire an experienced Technical Architect to oversee the design and implementation of our clients' IT systems. As a Technical Architect, you will be responsible for meeting with the IT manager to discuss company processes, designing the structure of enterprise level IT systems, overseeing the project implementation, and measuring the performance of the new system.

To ensure success as a Technical Architect, you should have extensive knowledge of enterprise networking systems, advanced problem-solving skills, and the ability to project manage. A top-class Technical Architect can design and implement any size system to perfectly meet the needs of the client. In this role, you should be an excellent communicator who is able to translate complex requirements into functional architecture. We’d also like you to have hands-on experience on software development and be able to manage complex programs.

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We are hiring a Business Analyst to join our project team. You will work alongside other business analysts and report directly to the project manager the management consultant. You will work on client projects as part of the project team and you will play a key role in gathering and analysing data, interviewing clients, and contributing to the team’s recommendations.

Your main tasks will include performing detailed requirements analysis, documenting processes, and performing some acceptance testing. This role will be a great opportunity broaden your business skills. To succeed in this role you should have a natural analytical way of thinking and be able to explain difficult concepts to non-technical users.

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We are searching for a meticulous and experienced Data Architect to join our talented team. Your central responsibility as the Data Architect will be to develop, optimize and oversee company’s conceptual and logical data systems. Your duties may include preparing architect reports, monitoring the system, and supervising system migrations.

To succeed in this role, you should know how to examine new data system requirements and implement migration models. The ideal candidate will also have proven experience in data analysis and management, with excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.

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